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MasterClass Details

Pursuing your passion and doing something you love is a dream come true. I've made a living for the past three years selling pre-owned fashion. I get a rush every time I get an email from Poshmark notifiying me of a sale, or get a five-star rating from a satisfied buyer. Selling closet castoffs is a satisfying and sustainable way to give

clothes the second life they deserve, all while earning some serious cash, too! I love my job so much that I want to share all my knowledge and experience with you so you can do this, too. The bonus is you'll be supporting a more sustainable planet by helping people reduce clutter, find buyers for their discarded clothing, and turn their clutter into cash.


Here's how my Closets-To-Cash MasterClass works:

This is a 3-week, hands-on, "Business In A Box" experience, where a small group of women will meet as a group on Zoom for 1 hour twice a week with homework in between sessions. I've designed this group coaching program to be completed in three weeks because you may have another job or responsibilities and not a lot of time to attend classes. I encourage you to arrange your schedule so you can attend the meetings live, but they will be recorded so you can watch the replays. After each Zoom meeting, you'll have homework to complete. You receive my book, "Turn Your Closet Into Cash" for FREE. Plus, you'll receive my popular 4-week online style course, Style Success In Your Second Act, plus checklists and templates to make the homework easy to complete, and we'll review your work at the next meeting where you can get your questions answered. After three weeks, you'll have all the knowledge, practice, and tools you'll need to set up your own business and start earning extra cash immediately.

Make Extra Cash Doing What You Love

Join my Master Class program and learn how you can start making money doing what you love. It's easy. It's fun. It's good for the planet. And it's profitable!

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You Can Have Your Dream Business

This is the type of business you can grow to be as big as you want. Globally, consumers toss out more than $460 billion worth of clothes that could be worn again! If you can't imagine yourself as a resale guru just yet, you will after my program. Believe me, almost every woman (and man) has high quality clothing and accessories they never wear. All you have to do is survey their closets, identify the castoffs, and get ready to sell!

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Learn The Stylist Secrets To Building Functional Wardrobes

When you learn the process of identifying someone's Personal Style Profile and organize their closet around it, and the word gets out, you'll be swamped with customers! Creating a clutter-free closet with only the clothes that coordinate and flatter your clients results in effortless style. I'll share my style consultation system with you, so you'll be able to identify your client's best color palette, body type, signature style, and lifestyle needs. This forms their Style Profile and anything that doesn't fit their profile is discarded. Your clients will spend less time in the morning thinking about what to wear, dressing becomes effortless and enjoyable, and they gain a general sense of knowing themselves and what works for them. It is really powerful when you know your own style.

Learn How To Perform A Professional Closet Cleanout

Everyone's clutter-free journey begins with a closet cleanout. Our closets are meant to contain the beautiful things that excite us to wear. But, they've been hijacked and turned into confusing jumbles of clothes that don't fit, don't work, and just need to go. That's where you come in. You'll become part therapist, part stern mommy, and part supportive best friend during this cleanout process. Most closets hold 70 percent of clothes that go unworn. Your job is to remove the excess and reconnect your client with the clothes they love to wear. I'll prepare you to deal with the inevitable client meltdown after the cleanout, the phone calls of regret, and give you the tools to help your clients appreciate the fact that they can see their closet floor again, and enjoy the empty hangers.

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Learn How To Identify The Best Venues To Sell Items For A Good Profit

Turning your client's castoffs into cash is the most rewarding and exciting part of the business. You'll learn how to judge what's valuable and fit to sell. And you'll know how to research the best venues to sell the items. This is where the rubber meets the road -- you've convinced your client to allow you to sell their items, now you have to perform. You'll learn the strengths and weaknesses of the various online venues and be able to select the right venue for each item. I'll teach you how to write an eye-catching description, take enticing photos, and price your items to make the most profit possible.

Your Road To Extra Cash!

Imagine what difference it would make in your life to earn an extra
$1,000 every month?

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